June 10, 2023

Department of Cultural Affairs Los Angeles COLA Fellowship presentation of Jasmine Orpilla’s “Natural History taxidermy series, live performance. Link to watch https://vimeo.com/838158729

Written description available in ‘Works.’

Jasmine Orpilla was awarded the 2023 Creative Capital “Wild Futures: Art, Culture, Impact” Award, for her upcoming solo performance project entitled ORASYON.

From the press release, “Creative Capital’s Wild Futures: Art, Culture, Impact Awards will fund the creation of experimental, risk-taking projects that push boundaries formally and thematically, venturing into wild, out-there, never-before-seen concepts, and future universes real or imagined.”


October 2022 touring throughout Filipino-American history month, performing celebratory kulintang music and dance with Pakaraguian Kulintang Ensemble, across Southern California. For more info on this particular month’s cultural performances, please send an inquiry through the contact page.

Oct 20, 2022 Performing at Museum of Contemporary Art, L.A. MOCA Grand, in conjunction with Live Arts Exchange Festival 2022, a shared program of solo works produced by Los Angeles Performance Practice. Jasmine Orpilla performs Benevolent Assimilation 2022 (ORO/PLATA/MATA )(beauty/brutality/breadcrumbs) : Gateway gestures and belief structures built in sound, for the penetration of severely live voicings, meant to stave the cognitive dissonance of unwelcome pattern recognition and privilege, right on time for Filipino-American History Month 2022. Based on factual but forgotten American/Filipino historical events. Also: a tribute to the beauty of Carlos Bulosan and Jose Rizal’s poetry. Featuring Marlo Campos on dabakan and kulintang; Original soundscape installation, traditional music arrangement, combat tools, movement, composition, translations, kulintang and live voice sung by Jasmine Orpilla. Ticketing RSVP at MOCA https://www.moca.org/program/live-arts-exchange-lax-festival-casual-jasmine-orpilla-mark-golamco-jobel-medina.

Sept 3, 2022 Performing solo kulintang and dance, together with Pakaraguian Kulintang Ensemble, for the 28th Festival of Philippine Arts & Culture at the Levitt Pavillion, at Los Angeles, CA. With Pakaraguian Kulintang Ensemble, histories of a vibrantly living kulintang legacy will be reclaimed from those of a controversially-documented past. https://levittlosangeles.org/

Aug 27-28, 2022 Performing at the Broad Museum in collaboration with Renee Petropoulos and cie. for the Now We’re Here performance series aligned with ‘This is Not America’s Flag’ special exhibition. On Aug 28, performing an extended ‘Analog Among Nations,’ at the Wende Museum. https://www.thebroad.org/events/now-were-here-2

June 18, 2022, (4pm PST/ June 19, 7am Philippine Time) As the culmination to the Diwa Filipino Film Festival, Filmmaker Panel, 2022, Jasmine Orpilla has the honor of sharing her motivating factors behind “Failure of Grace: Kuarta & Sarming” on a panel amongst such powerful filmmakers as fellow Ilokano Melver Ritz Gomez, and Myra Aquino. Diwa Filipino Film Festival of Seattle is made in cooperation with Pagdiriwang Philippine Festival, celebrating the Filipino spirit wherever it resides, by exhibiting films from the Philippine Islands and beyond. Registration info:

May 15, 2022 Closing out the three-day international music symposium “Asian Performing Arts on Stage and on Screen,” Jasmine Orpilla is in traditional dance and musical performance together with Pakaraguian Kulintang Ensemble, in an originally comparative collaboration Reframing & Reclaiming Kulintang Music which tackles the racialized misrepresentations of Filipino music at the St. Louis 1904 Worlds Fair. Hosted by UCLA School of Music, the event is free to the public with registration https://schoolofmusic.ucla.edu/event/asian-performing-arts-on-stage-and-on-screen-day-three/?fbclid=IwAR3HQpReWC8eP8b53A-bOe5bP5yhm0wKtP3o-qcnkhhbiMxPWebpPtOFJ0s

May-June 2022 Jasmine Orpilla selected by Los Angeles Performance Practice 2022 Research + Development artist residency program towards the early-stage creation of a new solo choreographic and operatic sound composition.

Still image from ‘Orasyon’ by Jasmine Orpilla; R+D Residency, LAPP, 2022. Photo credit: Jasmine Orpilla

April 5, 9, 10, 2022 Hammer Museum, Jasmine Orpilla guest singer in A(un)necessary World, by Justin F. Kennedy&Shannon Funchess, live at Hammer Museum. Intermittent live performances run in tandem with Lifes exhibition. Schedule here: https://hammer.ucla.edu/programs-events/2022/aun-necessary-world

April 2, 2022 Performing at Human Resources LA. One night only of never-before shared works by artists: Asher Hartman, Emily Mast, Maria Maea, and Jasmine Orpilla. 8pm-10pm. https://www.h-r.la/event/6701/

Jasmine Orpilla’s 5-minute BENEVOLENT ASSIMILATION is ripped directly from the American-supremacist gaslighting language of the titular proclamation of 1898, which prefaced the psychotic “k*ll-and-burn” policies of the Philippine-American colonial war. A near-invisible ‘first cut’ into an operatic body of sound being composed for installation in 2022 by Jasmine Orpilla, this concentrated drop of BENEVOLENT ASSIMILATION will be sung live for an adult audience contained only within the safe space of the HRLA lobby, for the duration of 5 minutes and 30 seconds. *Warning of possible loud volumes for the highly sensitive.

• Jan 12, 2022 Film Maudit 2.0 film festival with Highways Performance Space has selected Asher Hartman’s The Dope Elf films including Balance, to stream online for the month of January. Tickets and full program info https://filmmaudit.eventive.org/films

Dec 3, 2021 In Theresa Hak Kyun Cha’s Dictee Marathon, invited reader alongside notable AAPI fellow artists, writers, curators and family gathered to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Cha’s birth, while showcasing the radical contributions of an artist whose interdisciplinary practice encompassed conceptual art, creative writing and poetry across three languages, in film, video, performance and visual art. 

Oct 1-3, 2021 Performing with Gawdafful Theater Company at The Lab San Francisco, in Asher Hartman’s The Dope Elf: Organized Around the Erotics of Doing You In. “The Dope Elf, a satiric trek through the ordinary enactments of white supremacy, power, delight and harm.” Tickets and info: https://www.thelab.org/projects/2020/4/9/asher-hartman-the-dope-elf

October 21-23, 2021 Jasmine Orpilla performing in REDCAT NOW Festival 2021. Premiering her new, original solo piece, TALGED: her body she cares for her soul/s (she) guards.

TALGED: her body she cares for, her soul/s (she) guards. (2021) by Jasmine Orpilla. Photo credit: Ian Byers-Gamber

Based on pre-colonial combat systems and Ilokano witchcraft practices of the Philippines, TALGED is a solo, multi-lingual, counter-operatic sound and art installation, composed, written, choreographed, and sung by Jasmine Orpilla. Dedicated in loving memory of Pilipino/x caretakers as well as fellow survivors of violent hate crimes throughout the diaspora, TALGED rebukes the unnecessary emotional and intellectual labor of decoding white supremacy, while rejecting the patterns of desensitization that quietly haunt the Fil-Am body today. Tickets and info: https://www.redcat.org/event/now-2021-week-three

• June 2021 – Fall 2021 In Asher Hartman’s film “BALANCE” coinciding with his epic THE DOPE ELF. The Lab (San Francisco) is pleased to announce the next phase of a commission by Los Angeles playwright Asher Hartman and Gawdafful National Theater. THE DOPE ELF is a tragic-comic saga of the lives of American otherworldly-everyday people whose souls have been deformed by the legacies of white supremacy. Meaninglessness, dissociation, unsatisfied lusting for power, partial orgasms and quarantine blah underscore this serial jaunt through white power’s psychic legacy.
Initially a six-hour play and live-in theatrical project scheduled to premiere at The Lab in April 2020, during lockdown THE DOPE ELF was reimagined as a quarantine serial drama in the form of six short films viewable now (with closed captioning available) free of charge on The Lab’s website https://www.thelab.org/asher-hartman-the-dope-elf

Please join members of the cast and creative team on Tuesday evening, June 15, at 5pm Pacific, for a Zoom conversation, part of The Lab’s ongoing Forum series, an experiment in creating discourse within the context of isolation. The latest, upcoming live performance of The Dope Elf is anticipated for Fall 2021.

Jasmine Orpilla as ‘CHET’ in Asher Hartman’s film “BALANCE” 2020. Photo credit: Ian Byers-Gamble.

March 2021, completing AIR with Ghostlight Residency. Jasmine Orpilla’s new works (parts one and two SARMING and KUARTA, of FAILURE OF GRACE) from the Ay-Ayam installation series.

Full interview with Jasmine Orpilla about her in-residency process here: https://www.ghostlightresidency.com/artists/project-one-5zp2c

‘FAILURE OF GRACE’ by Jasmine Orpilla, 2021.

•STAY TUNED for details: Performance with Ligia Lewis for Made in L.A. 2020, HAMMER MUSEUM. https://hammer.ucla.edu/exhibitions/2020/made-la-2020-version

February 2021 Screening event: https://hammer.ucla.edu/programs-events/2021/deader-dead-ligia-lewis-mlondi-zondi

•In collaboration with East West Players, resuming the original role of Rogue Artist’s Kaidan Project lead KANA, now voiced in immersive AR format: https://www.kaidanproject.com/

• “Time, Space, Money” Artist In Residency at Human Resources LA 2020, with new upcoming performance work/s to debut in multimedia formats in 2021. https://www.h-r.la/event/residents/

In ‘SUNGKA,’ by Jasmine Orpilla, as part of HRLA residency for her latest Ilokano performance work based on her family’s wartime archives.
Photo credit: King&Cub