Due to ongoing COVID-19 mandates, Jasmine Orpilla’s upcoming performances and live events may be subject to change.

Oct 1-3, 2021 Performing with Gawdafful Theater Company at The Lab San Francisco, in Asher Hartman’s The Dope Elf: Organized Around the Erotics of Doing You In. “The Dope Elf, a satiric trek through the ordinary enactments of white supremacy, power, delight and harm.” Tickets and info: https://www.thelab.org/projects/2020/4/9/asher-hartman-the-dope-elf

October 21-23, 2021 Jasmine Orpilla performing in REDCAT NOW Festival 2021. Premiering her new, original solo piece, TALGED: her body she cares for her soul/s (she) guards.

TALGED: her body she cares for, her soul/s (she) guards. (2021) by Jasmine Orpilla. Photo credit: Ian Byers-Gamber

Based on pre-colonial combat systems and Ilokano witchcraft practices of the Philippines, TALGED is a solo, multi-lingual, counter-operatic sound and art installation, composed, written, choreographed, and sung by Jasmine Orpilla. Dedicated in loving memory of Pilipino/x caretakers as well as fellow survivors of violent hate crimes throughout the diaspora, TALGED rebukes the unnecessary emotional and intellectual labor of decoding white supremacy, while rejecting the patterns of desensitization that quietly haunt the Fil-Am body today. Tickets and info: https://www.redcat.org/event/now-2021-week-three

• June 2021 – Fall 2021 In Asher Hartman’s film “BALANCE” coinciding with his epic THE DOPE ELF. The Lab (San Francisco) is pleased to announce the next phase of a commission by Los Angeles playwright Asher Hartman and Gawdafful National Theater. THE DOPE ELF is a tragic-comic saga of the lives of American otherworldly-everyday people whose souls have been deformed by the legacies of white supremacy. Meaninglessness, dissociation, unsatisfied lusting for power, partial orgasms and quarantine blah underscore this serial jaunt through white power’s psychic legacy.
Initially a six-hour play and live-in theatrical project scheduled to premiere at The Lab in April 2020, during lockdown THE DOPE ELF was reimagined as a quarantine serial drama in the form of six short films viewable now (with closed captioning available) free of charge on The Lab’s website https://www.thelab.org/asher-hartman-the-dope-elf

Please join members of the cast and creative team on Tuesday evening, June 15, at 5pm Pacific, for a Zoom conversation, part of The Lab’s ongoing Forum series, an experiment in creating discourse within the context of isolation. The latest, upcoming live performance of The Dope Elf is anticipated for Fall 2021.

Jasmine Orpilla as ‘CHET’ in Asher Hartman’s film “BALANCE” 2020. Photo credit: Ian Byers-Gamble.

March 2021, completing AIR with Ghostlight Residency. Jasmine Orpilla’s new works (parts one and two SARMING and KUARTA, of FAILURE OF GRACE) from the Ay-Ayam installation series.

Full interview with Jasmine Orpilla about her process here: https://www.ghostlightresidency.com/artists/project-one-5zp2c

‘FAILURE OF GRACE’ by Jasmine Orpilla, 2021.

•STAY TUNED for details: Performance with Ligia Lewis for Made in L.A. 2020, HAMMER MUSEUM. https://hammer.ucla.edu/exhibitions/2020/made-la-2020-version

February 2021 Screening event: https://hammer.ucla.edu/programs-events/2021/deader-dead-ligia-lewis-mlondi-zondi

•In collaboration with East West Players, resuming the original role of Rogue Artist’s Kaidan Project lead KANA, now voiced in immersive AR format: https://www.kaidanproject.com/

• “Time, Space, Money” Artist In Residency at Human Resources LA 2020, with new upcoming performance work/s to debut in multimedia formats in 2021. https://www.h-r.la/event/residents/

Scene from KAPRE by Jasmine Orpilla, as part of the HRLA residency for her latest Ilokano performance work based on her family’s wartime archives.
Photo credit: King&Cub
Jasmine Orpilla, in residency at HRLA for her latest Ilokano performance work based on her family’s wartime archives.
Entitled SUNGKA: a Civil War, a Civil Marriage, Jasmine Orpilla (2020) . Photo credit: King&Cub